Al Zahra: Weekly Programs Sep 18-24

On behalf of the Al Zahra BoDs, officer, volunteers and all community members, we send our deepest condolences to our Awaited, the twelfth Imam, Imam Al-Mahdi (May Allah Hasten His Reappearance), and the Muslim Ummah on the upcoming commemorations of Ahulbayt as

  • Majlis 1: Tuesday September 19/ Rabbi’ Al Awwal 3 at 715PM

    • Wafat Al Sayeda Fatima Qum AS

    • Women contribution in Islam

    • Speaker Shk Khalil Champsi

  • Majlis 2: Thursday Sept 21/ Rabbi’ Al Awwal 5 at 7PM

    • Utilizing technology for a Muslim family part 2

    • Speaker Sayed Sajjad Rizvi

  • Majlis 3: Sunday Sept 24/ Rabbi’ Al Awwal 8 at 545PM

    • Shahadat Al Askari AS

    • Speaker Shk Hammam

Recitation Sign up:

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General Guidelines:

  • Parking: please leave parking spots close to/beside entrance doors for people with mobility issues, seniors or with little children. 

  • Tabarruk: Please connect with any of the volunteers (including Chair lady Aunty Naheed Shah) if you would like to bring, sponsor tabbaruk/niaz. 

Al-Zahra Shia Association, Waterloo Region

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