Al Zahra Weekly Programs

Salaamun Alaykum 

We are very thankful to Allah SWT for blessing us to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Wiladat of Rasool Muhammad (SAWS) and Imam Al Sadiq AS. Our felicitations to the Imam of our time on this blessed occasion and we sincerely ask Allah (SWT) to hasten the return of His final proof, Al Qa’im, Al Mahdi (AJFS).

Weekly Programs: 
  • *Reminder today* Wiladat Al Rasool Muhammad AS and Imam Al Sadiq AS
    • 5:30PM
    • Speech by Dr. Shaeba Rizvi
    • Niaz will be served after salat Al Magrib
  • Thursday Oct 5th
    • 7:00PM
    • Speech by Sayed Zulfiqar Hasani
    • Topic: Mawlood of Rasool SAAWS and Imam Al Sadiq AS, Unity Week

Recitation Sign up:

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General Guidelines:

  • Parking: please leave parking spots close to/beside entrance doors for people with mobility issues, seniors or with little children. 

  • Tabarruk: Please connect with any of the volunteers (including Chair lady Aunty Naheed Shah) if you would like to bring, sponsor tabbaruk/niaz. 

Al-Zahra Shia Association, Waterloo Region

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