Membership Benefits

Benefits of becoming a registered member

  • Chance to influence Al Zahra by:
    • Voting in the annual general assembly meeting
    • Nominate members to the board
    • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Privileges of funeral and burial arrangement including graveyard
  • Discounted fees on access to the facility for private functions
  • Direct support in the spreading of the message of Islam and Ahlulbayt
  • Unlimited reward, the blessing of Allah in this world and the hereafter

How to join: 

  • Sign up online
  • The membership application can be handed in person to any executive team member
  • Membership form can be scanned and emailed to
  • The membership form can be accessed, Click here

How to pay membership fees or donate: 

The Al Zahra team will pick up donations from you. If you require any assistance, please email at