Al Zahra: Arbaeen Majalis

Salaam Alaikum, 

Insha Allah, we’ll conitnue our Arbaeen series with Sayed Hasan Tabatabai (from Najaf) until day of Arbaeen, Wednesday September 6th. 

Following is the schedule: 

  • Majlis 4: Tuesday September 5th/Safar 19th @ 8:00PM

  • Majlis 5: Day of Arbaeen Wednesday September 6th/Safar 20th @ 6:15PM

  • Post Arbaeen Majlis with Maulana Ali Murtaza Zaidi on Thursday 7th/Safar 21 @ 6:30PM

Recitation Sign up:

YouTube link:

General Guidelines:

  • Parking: please leave parking spots close to/beside entrance doors for people with mobility issues, seniors or with little children. 

  • Tabarruk: Please connect with any of the volunteers (including Chair lady Aunty Naheed Shah) if you would like to bring, sponsor tabbaruk/niaz. 

Al-Zahra Shia Association, Waterloo Region

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