As you can our programming including speakers are scheduled until June 2020. To continue to maintain our level of quality programing we are in need of your support – financially. As Sheikh Hammam said (in our recent majalis), our personal jihad is between the intellect and desire and this needs constant training.  We our working collectively as a community to nurture our minds. 

There is no better time than now to work on our own akhira (hereafter) by digging into our pockets. 

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pay your 2020 membership fees as soon as possible. CLICK to download form.
  2. Sponsor an event at your centre. Recommended amount is $500 per night. You can sponsor it in full or partially with a group of mo’mineen. CLICK for 2020 schedule. You may either reply to this email to sponsor an event or talk to any of our volunteers. 
  3. Donate as much as you can, no amount is too small.


Concurrently, we are raising for a downpayment to help secure a owned center. A down payment of 200,000 is our goal towards purchasing a center in the vicinity of one million. 

Currently secured in donation and pledges.

fundraising thermometer

For any financial support, please email/e-transfer to