Notice of Members Meeting

Dear Community Members,
Salaam Alaikum,
We pray to Allah SWT that he continues his blessings of mercy, safety and wellness to you and your families.

Insha Allah we’re taking this opportunity to notify you that a Special Members meeting will be held Sunday December 27, 2020. The meeting will start at 2:00 PM and all members are requested to attend on time.

Kindly note that the Special Members meeting invitation is for members of the Al Zahra Shia Association of Waterloo Region (AZSA WR).

Date: Sunday December 27, 2020
Venue: Virtual online meeting (details will be shared at a later date)
Time: 2:00 PM

  1. Quorum
  2. Opening: Qur’an Recitation and Du’a
  3. Building project update
  4. Resolution to proceed with purchase
  5. Closing remarks
    We look forward to your attendance and participation.


Respected Momineens,

As Salam Salaykum

We pray that this email finds you healthy and safe. We wish to communicate some important updates related to your Al Zahra Association.

1. Al Qaim Campaign for Building Fund

As you may be aware that due to the increasing cost of rent and financial challenges, the Al Zahra Building Committee is actively working on searching for properties to purchase a permanent building for Al Zahra. Our lease at 300 Mill St expires on May 30, 2021, and we are required to give notice by February 28, 2021. Our goal is to find a permanent building for Al Zahra before February 2021 and request your kind and generous contributions to achieve this goal.
Al Qaim campaign for the Building fund is open and we are accepting donations. All donations towards building funds go in separate bank accounting and will receive tax receipts. We have received verbal Ijaza from Moulana Muhammad Rizvi to collect 50% Sehm-e-Imam portion of Khums. We are working with Moulana to obtain the Ijaza in writing.
Please donate generously for the future of our community and contact Br. Ahmed Raza at 519-781-7435 for more information. 

2. CRA Status Update

Alhumdulilah Al Zahra Shia Association of Waterloo Region is now a Charitable Organization with the CRA and any contributions made towards Al Zahra on or after April 28, 2020, are eligible to receive tax receipts. We are working on issuing tax receipts for 2020 and if you have donated to Al Zahra and either you are not a member or wanted to be anonymous and still need a tax receipt, please contact us.
For all questions and inquiries related to tax receipts please write to us at Please consider maximizing your charitable donations before the year-end.

3. Donations 

We rely on your donations and contributions to maintain our center and conduct programs. These funds help Al Zahra with expenses mainly regular programs and day-to-day expenses of our center at 300 Mill St. as well as to continue supporting our Aalims. Even though our Center has not been operating at full capacity due to Covid-19, monthly expenses stayed the same just like our homes. Al Zahra counts on your continued support to pay all these expenses.
One way of donating is to sponsor a majlis, milad, or a program/event at your center. You may sponsor individually or with other momineens. Please remember that no amount of donation is small. Whatever amount you can donate, InshaAllah it will all add up to reach our targets for fundraising with the blessing of Ahulbayat (A.S)

Donations can be made:

  • via credit card (online) through
  • at the Center: through personal cheque and cash.
  • through e-transfers at
  • Al Zahra team will pick up donations from you. If you require any assistance please reply to this email.

We are also working on EFT/Pre-authorized Debit payments arrangement. Stay tuned for more information. 

4. Membership
Please renew your membership if you have not yet for 2020 and plan for an early renewal for 2021 to maintain the active status of membership benefits which also help your association with conducting programs and associated expenses. Membership forms are available at and may also be filled out online. Al Zahra team can also pick up the membership forms and fees from you. If you need any assistance, please reply to this email.

Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome. It is our community and our future. Please Attend, Participate, and let’s Move Ahead together to shape this organization for ourselves and our youth.

Your Al Zahra Team

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon

Majlis E Soyam for Marhum Irshad Hussein Rashid s/o Yusufali Rashid

Majlis E Ethal E Thawab for Marhum Irshad Hussein Rashid s/o Yusufali Rashid | 13th RABI AL AWAL 1442AH | AZSA-WR PROGRAM SCHEDULE

Dear Community Members,

As Salam Alaykum

AZSA-WR inform the community earlier today about the sad demise of Br. Irshad Hussein Rashid s/o Yusufali Rashid. Considering the COVID-19 restriction in mind, we humbly request the community members to avoid visiting the family for condolence. The family of Marhum Irshad Hussein Rashid has organized Majlis E Ethal E Thawab for the Marhum and request the community members to kindly join and give their condolence to the family members in-person during the program. The Majlis is organized as per following schedule:

Islamic Date: Eve of 13th Rabi Al Awal 1442AH
Gregorian Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: 300 Mill Street, Kitchener, ON N2M 3R8
Speaker: Br. Ghulam Abbas

Program Details:
7:00pm: Recitation of Sura E Yaseen
7:20pm: Recitation of Dua E Kumail
7:45pm: Soz, Salam and Marsiya
8:00pm: Majlis recited by Br. Ghulam Abbas
8:40pm: Noha followed by Ziyarat E Waritha

Note: Kindly bring your own face mask, turbah and tasbeeh.

Information for In-Person Attendance
Address: 300 Mill Street, Kitchener, ON N2M 3R
In-Person Capacity: 35 Gents and 35 Ladies (age 10+).


  1. Registration is required for In-Person attendance. Everyone attending MUST wear a mask. Online registration can be made by filling the following form:
  2. In-person attendance requirements and procedures can be found in the Al-Zahra Re-opening Policies and Procedures at AZSA web page, please read the requirements before attending any in person event.

Information for Online Attendance

Live Majlis Broadcast Link:

Live Broadcast on Al-Zahra Youtube Channel:

Fatima Rashid, Ali Rashid, Sukaina Rashid and all Family Members
Al Zahra Shia Association of Waterloo Region